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  Recommended tours

  • Must-see spots of Krakow
    Check the top guided tours of the former Polish capital to get the most out of your stay and make it an experience you'll never forget!
  • Krakow Museums
    Next to the unique medieval architecture, our guides will show you a number of world-class museums like the famous Schindler's Factory or the Main Market Square Underground.
  • Ancestral & Genealogy Tours
    Our company specializes in genealogy research and tours tracing your roots in Poland. Find your relatives still living in our country and visit the land of your ancestors with our help.
  • Jewish heritage tours of Krakow and Galicia
    Before the WWII Poland had the biggest Jewish population in Europe. With our guides you can trace centuries-long presence of Polish Jews in Krakow and throughout the Lesser Poland Province.

  Ticket prices

Below are the prices of the entrance tickets (in Polish zloty = zł) per person to the most popular and important muzeums and churches, synagogues and other in Krakow and Lesser Poland Province.

The Old Town, Royal Route and Wawel Hill Tour
St. Mary's Church: reduced 5 zł (students), 5 zł (senior), normal 10 zł
Royal Cathedral on the Wawel Hill: reduced 6 zł, normal 11 zł
The entrance to the Royal Cathedral on the Wawel Hill is free of charge if you don't want to climb up the Sigismund Tower and enter the crypts. Tickets are more expensive for individual tourists (groups up to 10 people) and cost 7 zlotys (reduced) and 12 zlotys (normal ticket).
Wawel Castle
  • Royal State Rooms: reduced 11 zł, normal 18 zł
  • Crown Treasury and Armoury: reduced 11 zł, normal 18 zł
  • Dragon's Den: 3 zł
Entering the arcaded courtyard of the Royal Castle is free of charge.
You can check the price list of all exhibitions of the castle here.

Kościuszko Mound: reduced 9 zł, normal 11 zł

Jewish District in Kazimierz
Remuh Synagogue and Old Remuh Cemetery: reduced 5 zł, normal 10 zł
Tempel Synagogue: reduced 5 zł, normal 10 zł
Old Synagogue: reduced 8 zł, for school groups 5,5 zł, normal 10 zł
Church on the Rock in the Christian part of Kazimierz: 2 zł for groups, 2,5 zł for individual tourists
Entering the New Jewish Cemetery on Miodowa Street is free of charge.

Krakow's Museums
Main Market Square Underground: reduced 16 zł, normal 19 zł
Schindler's Factory: reduced 16 zł, reduced for school groups 13 zł, normal 21 zł
Gallery of Polish 19. century art in the Cloth Hall: reduced 1 zł, normal 14 zł

Jan Matejko Museum: reduced 1 zł, normal 9 zł

Lesser Poland Province

Ojcow National Park
  • Lokietek's Cave: reduced 6 zł, normal 8 zł
  • Ciemna Cave: reduced 5 zł, normal 7 zł
  • Museum of Ojcow National Park: reduced 7 zł, normal 10 zł
  • Pieskowa Skala Castle: reduced 9 zł, normal 11 zł
  • Ojcow Castle: reduced 2 zł, normal 3 zł
  Wieliczka Salt Mine
  • for organized groups: reduced 33 zł normal 50 zł
  • for individual tourists: reduced 64 zł, normal 84 zł (guide service is included in the price)
  • for individual tourists: reduced 30 zł, normal 40 zł (guide service is included in the price)
  • there is no entrance fee for organized groups but you have to pay for a guide service separately (250 zlotys for a group)


  • Willa Koliba Museum: reduced 5,5 zł, normal 7 zł
  • Tatra Museum: reduced 5,5 zł, normal 7 zł
  • Gubałówka Hill cable car (up and down): reduced 17 zł, normal 21 zł