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  Recommended tours

  • Must-see spots of Krakow
    Check the top guided tours of the former Polish capital to get the most out of your stay and make it an experience you'll never forget!
  • Krakow Museums
    Next to the unique medieval architecture, our guides will show you a number of world-class museums like the famous Schindler's Factory or the Main Market Square Underground.
  • Ancestral & Genealogy Tours
    Our company specializes in genealogy research and tours tracing your roots in Poland. Find your relatives still living in our country and visit the land of your ancestors with our help.
  • Jewish heritage tours of Krakow and Galicia
    Before the WWII Poland had the biggest Jewish population in Europe. With our guides you can trace centuries-long presence of Polish Jews in Krakow and throughout the Lesser Poland Province.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are all your guides licensed to provide tour guiding services?
Yes, certainly. Each of our guides has the necessary certificates and qualifications to operate as a licensed tour guide in Krakow.
Is it possible to sightsee the Wawel Castle with your tour guides?

Yes, the great majority of our guides have all the permissions and qualifications to show tourists round the exhibitions of the Wawel Royal Castle.
Can I book your guides to sightsee the most popular Krakow museums incl. the Schindler's Factory and the Main Market Square Underground?
Yes, all of us have taken required training courses and passed licence exams, which means we are the most competent and best qualified guides to operate in those museums.
Are entrance tickets included in the guiding service?
No, tickets need to be purchased separately. See here for rates of entrance tickets to the main monuments of Krakow.
Can entrance tickets to the Royal Cathedral and St. Mary's Basilica be booked in advance?

It's not possible. You needn't worry, though, as it never takes longer than a few minutes to buy the tickets in the ticket offices even if there is a queue.

Is the rate of the guiding service calculated per group or per person?
Rates of guiding services listed on this website are calculated per whole group of participants. Rates for small groups are subject to negotiation.
How do I book a guide?

The best way to do it is by sending us an email with your order. In reply you will receive details of a suggested itinerary and costs (incl. the guiding service and the entrance tickets). The itinerary takes account of the participants' age, preferences and the sightseeing time available. After receiving your confirmation of the itinerary and costs we send you the name of the tour guide, their phone number and details of the meeting spot.
How do I make my order by email?
You are kindly asked to provide the following details in your email:

  • your name and surname
  • name of your institution (school, business, association etc.) – where applicapble
  • date and time of starting your guided tour
  • duration of your guided tour
  • phone number of the tour leader