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  Recommended tours

  • Nowa Huta. The Communist Route
    Nowa Huta was built in 1950s by communists and intended to be the first town-symbol of socialist realism. Now it's one of Krakow’s districts, in the past, an ideal town for the communist propaganda.
  • Wawel Hill
    Wawel Hill - the most famous historical site in Poland. In the past the main seat of Polish royalty for over 500 years. Its beauty brings back to life the most glorious era of the Polish Kingdom.
  • Jewish ghetto. Holocaust in Krakow
    Ghetto in Krakow was established in March 1941 on the right bank of Vistula river in Podgorze district. All Jews from Krakow and Kazimierz were forced to settle within the ghetto walls.
  • The Old Town
    The tour will take you along the most important and beautiful sites in the Old Town of Krakow encircled by the green ring of Planty Park.

The Royal Route

Royal Route is one of the most beautiful and famous routes in Poland. It retraces the path followed by Polish kings heading for their Residence on the Wawel Hill. It runs across the most magnificent sites of Krakow’s Old Town.

Starting in the vicinity of medieval city walls - St. Florian's Gate and Barbican, it leads you to the Main Market Square, one the biggest medieval squares in Europe. It's here where you can admire the landmarks of Krakow - former center of textile trade -the Cloth Hall , the Town Hall Tower and the most important temple of the city - St. Mary's Basilica.

Afterwards, the route takes you along the oldest Krakow’s streets: Grodzka and Kanonicza and ends up on the Wawel Hill where you should spend a while in the ring of castle walls and visit the Royal Cathedral and courtyard of the Castle - former Polish Kings' Residence.

Usually the tour takes about 3 hours.

The price of a guide service: 320 zlotys.

The entrance tickets are not included in the price. Please add the cost of the entrance ticket to St. Mary's Church (10 zlotys per person).