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  Recommended tours

  • The Royal Route
    Royal Way is one of the most beautiful and famous routes in Poland. It retraces the path followed by Polish kings heading for their Residence on the Wawel Hill.
  • Nowa Huta. The Communist Route
    Nowa Huta was built in 1950s by communists and intended to be the first town-symbol of socialist realism. Now it's one of Krakow’s districts, in the past, an ideal town for the communist propaganda.
  • The Old Town
    The tour will take you along the most important and beautiful sites in the Old Town of Krakow encircled by the green ring of Planty Park.
  • Wawel Hill
    Wawel Hill - the most famous historical site in Poland. In the past the main seat of Polish royalty for over 500 years. Its beauty brings back to life the most glorious era of the Polish Kingdom.

Jewish District in Kazimierz

No visit to Krakow would be fully valuable without a tour of Kazimierz. For centuries it remained an independent town, inseparably bound with the history of Polish Jews. Today Kazimierz is a district of Krakow situated within a walking distance of the Old Town, attracting tourists with its unique atmosphere and history.

Krakow wasn't destroyed during the II World War, so it has one of the best preserved Jewish districts in this part of Europe.

During the guided tour you will visit the synagogues and Jewish cemeteries, learn about colorful, fascinating and touching history of Krakow’s Jews.

The guided tour includes Szeroka Street, once the Jewish town’s main square, the Old Synagogue and the Remuh Synagogue with the old Jewish Cemetery, the burial place of one of the most renowned Polish-Jewish scholar - Rabbi Remuh.

We will pass picturesque Jozefa Street and visit the High Synagogue, the Tempel (Progressive) Synagogue, the Nowy Square and Wawrzynca Street.

The tour of Kazimierz is also the best lesson of the Jewish tradition, religion and customs, bringing back to life the world that no longer exists.

The tour can be extended with the sightseeing of Christian part of Kazimierz. It's famouse for its beautiful gothic churches - Corpus Christi and St. Catherine's. The Church on the Rock with a crypt of the greatest Polish artists such as Stanislaw Wyspianski or Czeslaw Milosz is a special place too.

Usually the tour takes about 3 hours

Price of a guided tour is 320 zlotys

The entrance tickets are not included in the price. Please add the cost of the entrance ticket to the Remuh and Temple Synagogues. All details of the ticket prices are available here.