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  Recommended tours

  • Wooden Architecture Route
    The growing popularity of the region gave rise to creating „The Wooden Architecture Route” several years ago to highlight the most valuable wooden monuments of the Lesser Poland.
  • Dunajec Ravine Rafting
    A rafting passage along the picturesque ravine of the Dunajec river is a must-do attraction in Pieniny National Park, one of the unusually charming and yet commercially unspoilt regions in the Lesser Poland.
  • Zakopane and the Tatra Mountains
    The city of Krakow lies only 100 kilometers away from the most beautiful Polish mountains - the Tatras. Its main city, Zakopane, often called “the winter capital of Poland” is famous for its wooden architecture and rich local culture.
  • Ojcow National Park
    Smallest but one of the most attractive national parks in Poland - Ojcow National Park - is rich in wildlife, fanciful limestone rocks and medieval architecture.

Wieliczka Salt Mine

Wieliczka Salt Mine is a real must-see spot of the Lesser Poland Province. In 1978 it was recorded in the UNESCO World Heritage list, world's first list of sites of special cultural or physical significance.

It is considered as one of the major tourist attractions in Poland, which is reflected by its enormous popularity with tourists visiting the mine each year. The Wieliczka Salt Mine is also one of the most spectacular sites in the environs of Krakow. Located as close as 10 kilometres from the city centre, the mine boasts its fascinating history, enormous size and the unique wealth of its underground world. Wieliczka is by far world's best known salt mine as well as one of the oldest ones, dating back to the Middle Ages.
The tour of the mine includes a 2-hour long walk through the former excavations, pit shafts and galleries situated about 100 metres below the ground level. Among other things, the walk gives you an opportunity to see unusual salt sculptures made years ago by amateur mining artists.
The best examples of these salt rock artworks are displayed in the chapel of Saint Kinga, an underground temple of impressive size and abundance. A journey by lift to reach the mine's top level makes up another attraction of the place.