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  Recommended tours

  • Jewish District in Kazimierz
    No visit to Krakow would be fully valuable without a tour of Kazimierz. For centuries it remained an independent town, inseparably bound with the history of Polish Jews.
  • Wawel Hill
    Wawel Hill - the most famous historical site in Poland. In the past the main seat of Polish royalty for over 500 years. Its beauty brings back to life the most glorious era of the Polish Kingdom.
  • The Royal Route
    Royal Way is one of the most beautiful and famous routes in Poland. It retraces the path followed by Polish kings heading for their Residence on the Wawel Hill.
  • Nowa Huta. The Communist Route
    Nowa Huta was built in 1950s by communists and intended to be the first town-symbol of socialist realism. Now it's one of Krakow’s districts, in the past, an ideal town for the communist propaganda.

Jewish ghetto. Holocaust in Krakow

This tour will take you along the area of the former Jewish ghetto, which was established in March 1941 on the right bank of Vistula river, in Podgorze district.

According to an order given by Hans Frank, Krakow, as a capital of Nazi-occupied Poland, was meant to be a “Jew-free city”.

As a consequence, in March 1941 all Jewish citizens were resettled to the separate district. In this regard Krakow resembles much of other towns in General Government (this is the Nazi name of German-occupied Poland) where about 400 ghettos were established during WW2.
In March 1943 the ghetto was liquidated. Its residents were deported to the labor and concentration camps or killed close to the present Heroes of the Ghetto Square.
During the walking tour you will see the Zgody Square (currently Heroes of the Ghetto Square) and the famous Eagle Pharmacy. We will see the remaining parts of the ghetto walls. At the end of our tour we will visit the museum in the former Schindler’s Factory. The original building of the factory is one of the basic tourists' destinations.
Oskar Schindler, a businessman and a member of Nazi Party came to Krakow at the beginning of the war hoping to profit from the Nazi invasion in Poland and cheap Polish and Jewish work force. Finally, he came to save 1100 Jews who worked in his factory. This is also the place where the Schindler’s List, a film by Steven Spielberg was shot, which was a great cultural event and an eye-opener for people all over the world. 

Usually the tour takes about 3 hours

Price of guide service is 320 zlotys

The entrance tickets are not included in the price. Please add the cost of the entrance ticket to the Schindler's Factory or the Eagle's Pharmacy Museum. The list of ticket prices is available here.